On higher education

Update 21.02.2022

In this section we will deal with ideas, concepts, content with regard to Pedagogy in higher education.

How to – Concepts

Definition Learning 4.0

  • When and where/how learners want to learn – agile learning
  • Exciting, entertaining and challenging – on-the-job (on-the-hobby ) / based on the learner’s studies, tailored to his or her questions
  • In a learning community, together with others – secure communication without barriers
  • Colorful! – with visualization, animations, simulations, podcasts, comics, …
  • Online and open and asynchronous (time-delayed) as a start – synchronous (simultaneous) / on-site / protected when there are good reasons to do so


  • Teachers / trainers delegate responsibility.
  • Learners / students have freedom in learning.
  • It needs trust instead of control.
  • learners need skills in using the technical tools, but together they are quickly acquired.
  • It takes courage to experiment.

Online learning scenarios need

  • clear communication of the process in time,
  • a suitable pedagogical concept,
  • Trainers/teachers in the role of online moderators,
  • good support of the learners at the beginning,
  • more responsibility for the learners, including group work,
  • less content that can be better processed, that can be processed in depth
  • Input as videos, audio podcasts or texts, schemata, comics, …
  • Tests for self-checking,
  • more breaks in the synchronous online phases


To make your students & learners happy plan enough breaks which are long enough (20 – 30 minutes) because online teaching and learning is exhausting – for you and them – and give them time for individual learning and discussions in the group.