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The World Café method

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The world café is an open format which supports exchange and discussion. In the study program Content Strategy this format is used to foster the exchange of students from different cohorts. In a normal semester the students meet at real tables and draw at the tablecloth. In February 2021 and caused by the Corona Pandemia the world café was an online event and the tableclothes were transferred into the visual collaboration tool Miro.

Table cloth of the online world café
Answers to question 2 – next time the Miro board should be more open designed to support students’ creativity


  • Course Open Space and Portfolio (this course exists in every semester of the master program Content Strategy)
  • Course typ: ILV
  • Lehrende: Jutta Pauschenwein
  • Plattform: Zoom (can be done in MS Teams as well)

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