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Asynchronous teaching

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Asynchronous model: … keeping things as simple as possible, while maintaining as many of the core activities in the lectures as possible.

  1. Prerecorded PowerPoint slides from lectures (recorded over using the built in function in Powerpoint). These can then be uploaded to the Moodle for students to watch in their own time. PowerPoint Shows also are relatively small files compared to videos. For a typical 90 minute lecture, colleague Miller-Sadler splits the lecture into four parts, with breakout activities (see next point) for the students to consolidate what the teacher says in each section. He prefers this approach to a live stream lecture, as students can watch them a) in their own time and b) repeat / rewatch sections if they aren’t clear on the content.
  2. Activities uploaded to Moodle, to which the students are directed in the PPT videos. Activities include quizzes, videos, readings etc.
  3. MS Teams for tutorials – 30 minutes per tutorial with groups sizes of about 10-12. After the students have completed the lecture, they meet in smaller groups with colleague Miller-Sadler to discuss the content and address any questions that have arisen.


  • Mehrere Lehrveranstaltung: Bachelor/Master-Studiengangs Fahrzeugtechnik
  • LV-Typ: Seminar
  • Lehrende: Adrian Millward-Sadler
  • Plattform: Moodle, MS Teams

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