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Catchy check out card

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Catchy check out card created by Swen-Peter Ekkebus CC BY-NC-SA


Swen-Peter Ekkebus was at FH JOANNEUM in October 23 and offered two face-to-face Workshops Liberating Structures (1h) and Training from the Back of the Room 4Cs (1h30m). His approach focuses on quick and easy pedagogical interventions.

I got to know Swen-Peter when we agreed upon topics and times for the workshops. As thank you for my efforts he sent me his Catchy check out card. It is a tool for a quick reflection at the end of a session which needs up to 10 minutes of time.

On the card there are 8 questions. For example:

  • WHOA… The thing that surprised me most during THIS SESSION is…
  • HMM… The thing that made me ponder during this session is…
my personal Catchy check Out Cards

Experience with the cards

I used them with my Content Strategy students in Mai 2023 and it worked really great. I printed the template and created cards (for every second student)(not laminated). The idea was that the students throw the cards to each other in teams of 2 or 3 persons, catch them and answer one of the questions on the card. It was a lot of fun to watch the students throw and catch the cards. Every group had another system. (Originally, the same student should throw and catch the card, but my students immediately changed the task).

The catchy cards bring energy into the group and motivates students to share their learning. Maybe it is also possible for teachers to collect the feedback. I didn’t do it. Swen-Peter, who created the cards, doesn’t collect feedback as well. He says: “From a psychological safety point of view I usually don’t collect the feedback myself. I feel like it fine to keep it between the students.” (Ekkebus, SW, dicussion July 2023).

The time frame I used:

  • I explained the task and gave them the cards.
  • Students formed groups of 2 – 3 people.
  • They did the excercise for about 8 minutes.


  • Course: every course – I used it in the Course Open Space and Portfolio 2, in the masterprogram Content Strategy
  • Type of course: every type
  • Teacher: Jutta Pauschenwein
  • Material: Catchy check out card by Swen-Peter Ekkebus

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