Online training for online teachers 2017/18

Overview – 2 months training

Before the training fill in your teaching activities of the next 2 months in to the teaching activities table. During the training the participants should be active at least 5 hours and on at least 4 days in week 1 and 2, and at least 25 hours during the training project.

Week 1 – 5 etivities

  • Objective: build trust, get to know each other, exchange your experiences about teaching, experience the first 3 stages of Gilly Salmon’s model
  • Content: Online socialisation of the group according to Gilly Salmon’s model
  • Asynchronous communication in Slack
  • Reflection of week 1

Week 2 – 4 etivities

  • Objective: collaborate on tasks in pairs, attend a synchronous event (reflect the process in the role of student and as teacher), reflect asynchronous interaction in Slack
  • Content: Evaluate your teaching scenarios – strengths and weaknesses and in the discussion develop first ideas of improvement
  • Synchronous: Attend a zoom webinar as student. Who cannot attend will watch the video and contribute later (as the students who cannot attend an online meeting)
  • Asynchronous communication in Slack
  • Reflection of week 2 – reflect the asynchronous experience

Preparation of project – #etivity10

  • Purpose: to develop a plan for the project work in pairs / a group of 3
  • Task: Use the information in the teaching activities table about the teaching of your peer and agree about one synchronous or asynchronous task which you will observe. Schedule your cooperation  according to the example below. Post it in Slack – if possible before Tuesday 12.12. 12:00 in order that Jutta can give you feedback. (Jutta will be out of office from 13.12-14.1).

Observation project – 2 etivities

  • Objective: Implement the project and reflect in a personal learning diary

Face-to-face workshop

The training ends with a 3 hours face-to-face workshop in February 2018.

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